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Anti-Small Talk

Multitopical, Fully Tagged and Cross-Referenced, Digital Soapbox

3 December 1978
About Me:
My name is J____ W______ L______.
I was born in Lewiston, ME, USA, on 03 Dec, 1978, at 22:23 to N_____ (bigmister) and S____ L______.
I have one brother, J____, (niveus2001), who is 4 1/2 years younger than I.
I grew up primarily in Topsham, ME, just across from the Androscoggin River from Brunswick and attended Topsham Christian Academy until it moved to Brunswick and changed its name to Fairhaven Christian Academy.
In 7th grade, we moved north to Bangor, where I attended another Christian school for a year. I hated it there, and so my parents began homeschooling me (at my request) in my 8th grade year.
In high school, I participated in Nazarene Bible Quizzing and did fairly well on the District and Region.
I graduated from high school in 1997 and went to Grove City College, PA, for four years to study for my Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry there. I graduated from college Magna Cum Lauda in 2001 -- the first graduating class of the 21st century for those of us who can count. I moved to Baltimore in Jul 2001 and began work as a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in the Johns Hopkins University Department of Chemistry under the advising of Dr. C____ T_______, whose primary focus is bioorganic chemistry. I received my Ph.D. in 2011.
I am currently employed as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at JHU, investigating fusion proteins.
I am married (as of 24 Jun, 2006) to the beautiful M_______ (sadeyedartist), whom I am crazy about and indirectly post about (like this) rather frequently.

About My Beliefs:
As for faith:
  • For philisophical reasons, I am a deist.
  • For experiential reasons, I am a theist.
  • For historical reasons, I am a Christian.
    I do not believe in God because I believe the Bible is true; rather, I believe in the Bible because I believe that God is true.
    As for science:
  • For scientific reasons, I do not believe in random abiogenesis.
  • For textual reasons, I do not believe in a literal six day creation.
    I believe in an Intelligent Designer, but such a belief is not scientific, and I readily admit that. I also readily admit that science (in most cases) cannot prove the past; it can only predict the future.

    About This Journal:
    This journal serves multiple purposes: a catalog of my thoughts on life and events, a place to vent, a way to stay up-to-date with friends, a link to information about my many interests, a communication method, a testing ground for new ideas, etc., etc.
    • For the most part, I will post a public entry on some topic 4 times every two weeks.
    • I post an entry on a Biblical or Christian topic once every two weeks (viewable to LJ friends requesting to read them).
    • I post book reviews on books I have read... whenever I finish reading them. This is (ridiculously) rare, as I am a very slow reader. These are viewable to LJ friends requesting to read them.
    • I post a summary of the week's events once a week for those on my Friends list.
    • I only post MeMes to those on my Friends list.
    • Various other more personal musings from past or present are posted for those I know personally in "real life".
    I make heavy use of tags. Anyone on my Friends list can tag entries with one of my already existing tags.
    Anyone is welcome to friend me. Don't feel obligated to post that you are going to. I won't necessarily friend you back. Don't take this personally; I just don't want to have an impossible-to-read Friends page. If you have some real desire to read about my life and MeMes, just let me know, and I'll friend you.
    People are encouraged to challenge my views. It makes me a better thinker to be challenged.

    Special note to "real life" friends who read this but have not joined LiveJournal: Please either do so or at least post a comment anywhere here using Facebook or OpenID. Any of the three methods are totally free, and you never have to post any of your own entries. I'd just like to be able to Friend you so you can read more personal stuff. Just click here to join LiveJournal or post anywhere on my blog with your Facebook username or OpenID.

    About My Hobbies:
    I create cultures in all their details and their languages.
    I am still actively involved in Bible Quizzing by quizmastering every other month or so at various tournaments and participating on the World Bible Quizzing Board of Directors. I moderate the bible_quizzing community.
    I am one of the leaders of the the Graduate Christian Fellowship group on Hopkins campus. I moderate our jhu_gcf community.
    I regularly translate from the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible into English. The translations can be seen at biblical_hebrew (which I moderate) and koine, respectively.
    I am working on an epic narrative poem, titled The Lay of Lhynard. (In case you haven't gathered this yet, Lhynard is not my RL name.) If you wish to become a critic of my writing, request to join the brythykar community.
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